Forest Church met on 2nd September

 Forest Church met again on Sunday 2nd September at 4pm

Theme: ‘you are my hiding place’

Lots of fun was had as families gathered together to explore creation on our door steps: spiders, ladybirds, a lone ant as well as leaves and branches and even some safe mushrooms. Creation is so diverse and it’s amazing what you can find armed with a magnifying glass. Our gathering definitely reminded us that we are moving from summer to autumn. And just like the insects looking for shelter children and parents took to the wooded areas and made dens and shelters where they shared tea, juice and a biscuit.

For those of us that preferred something a little more sedate we had a prayer labyrinth to walk through whilst thinking about what was important to them, but being reminded that the earth is full of Gods loving kindness.

Keep your eyes open for our next forest church later in the year, as Autumn turns to winter, you will need to dress up warm.



                                  Mums and dads look on

                                                                                              The beginning of a shelter


So what is Forest Church?

It is outdoors, which sometimes means we will be blessed with lovely weather and sometimes we will need our coats and welly boots!

It’s an opportunity to be with others, to get in touch with nature and the rhythm of creation through the seasons.

It’s about living well with our planet.

It’s not about singing hymns, or lengthy sermons it’s about letting the world around us speak to us and taking time to listen.

It’s for Individuals and families, for safety children must always be accompanied by an adult

Each time there will be activities to join with for the young and young at heart, as we connect with creation in a different way.

If your children like forest school, then they will love this too.

We will always share a drink and biscuit or snack.

Last about an hour

Contact Joanne for more info or to let her know you are coming 07803295282

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