Packington Men's Group



The idea and the drive to create a Men’s Group for the Church came from Rick Melville. He had long argued that the Church had groups for women (e. g. the Wives and the Mothers’ Union) but nothing for men. The idea of having a Church men’s fellowship open to all men in the community was discussed at a PCC meeting in June 1992. As a result a preliminary meeting was held in December that agreed an initial programme for the coming year – mainly based on Rick’s suggestions.  The PCC in February agreed to the formation of a committee to organize the group and so formally authorised its establishment. The first meeting had already been held on Wednesday 27th January 1993 and the pattern was established of an activity every month except in the holiday period of July and August. This has since been modified to include these two months with an outdoor activity, such as an evening walk or a bowls match in July and an annual breakfast in August.