Mary and Joseph on the way

Mary and Joseph on the way

Mary and Joseph are on the way. Look at what's been happening to them.

December 16th

Mary and Joseph are keeping busy: here they are at the supermarket, and then making a visit to their future.


December 12th

Today Mary and Joseph have been to see democracy in action!



December 6th

Now they moved on to life at a farm - looks like they had a good bed for the night




December 5th

Here they are with their latest hosts, all cosy in the warm




December 4th

Mary and Joseph helped to wrap Christmas presents,They spent a couple of hours  wrapping presents for our 5 grandchildren and made a great job of it!

December 3rd

They were very busy indeed as you can see









December 2nd

Mary and Joseph went all the way to Ashby. Here Joyce (aged 97) gave them a warm welcome and they heard about Christmas in the 1920s before returning to resume their journey around Packington.