The Donkey's Blog

The Donkey's Blog

Hi everyone!  I am THE donkey and I need to tell you about the calamity which almost happened. Somehow I became separated from my dear master and mistress – not sure how it happened, but we certainly lost each other.  That was VERY serious because I can tell you, I am a most important part of the story and without me it wouldn’t have happened – well, not at least in the way that it was supposed to do.




On Sunday I was rescued by a rather odd lady who looked after me in her own peculiar way. She took me into her garden – seemed to think that I might want some grass to eat – I ask you, at this time of year? I expect barley straw or at least some hay.  Then she sat me in a clump of what she said was called wormwood. She explained that the plant was associated in the Bible with bitterness and that I had better get used to the fact that the journey which I was taking did not have a nice cosy end to it – well not in the longer term anyway – for the baby whom my mistress was carrying was not going to have a charmed life – in fact some very bitter, dark and horrible things were going to happen to him in the future. Apparently, she said, it had to be, and he would go through it all because he loved each one of us very much and wanted to save everyone from the suffering and death which would come our way otherwise, because we kept messing everything up.  Didn’t make an awful lot of sense to me if I am honest – but  I have to say, it will make me look at this baby when he comes with fresh eyes – he really must be someone rather special, don’t you think?

And then finally – I do think the lady, although pleasant enough, was a bit loopy – she put me in a contraption called a high chair! This was so I would realise that when the baby was born he would be pretty helpless and have to have lots of things like being fed, done for him. Actually, I knew that already – I have seen other babies - and I could have told her that they didn’t have anything like the fancy seat in which she placed me in 1st century Palestine, much more basic then – and didn’t she know for heaven’s sake, that the baby would be born in a manger?

The best thing was that disaster was averted, because the lady had found out where my master and mistress were and she was going to take me to meet up with them first thing the following morning at Brayers – no, sorry, Barkers, café on the High Street.  I can’t wait! Then I can help my mistress again, who gets so tired, and we can get on with our journey.

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