Royal Maundy service in Leicester



Maundy Thursday saw the Queen coming to Leicester Cathedral to distribute Mundy money in accordance with centuries of tradition. 91 men and 91 women from across Leicestershire had been nominated to receive this gift of honour.

And two of them were ours! Winnie Meadowsfrom Donisthorpe and Stan Kerr from Measham. So read on......

The Queen pictured with Yeoman of the Guard outside Leicester Cathedral

Here is a little snapshot of what it was like. It was an early start as everyone had to be at the King Power Stadium by about 8.30 a.m. Security clearance dealt with, there was time to sit and have a cuppa before the excitement started. Each recipient had with them a Companion. All then waited for the coaches to arrive to take them to the Cathedral.


This is Winnie                                                And here's Stan

A fleet of coaches took us all to the Cathedral and the excitement was clear. There was that sense of privilege of being part of the candidates unseen service being honoured by our Queen. Once at the cathedral it was sorting out who sat where. Processions came in and the service started. No photos allowed inside.

All 182 received their Maundy money with a lovely smile and 'bless you' from Her Majesty. Then it was outside and the cameras were hard at it. Never did manage to get Winnie and Stan in the same shot.

Winnie with her money bags

                    Scenes outide the cathedral

And then it was everyone back to lunch at the King Power stadium



                 Stan Kerr with his Maundy money



For more (and better) photos of the day, go to

Winnie writes of the day: "What an amazing honour and privilege to be a recipient of the Maundy Money at Leicester Cathedral. As the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh and party entered the Cathedral the opening hymn was " Praise to the Holiest in the height"  Very apt as I have been praising the Lord and giving thanks to Jesus since receiving my invitation on the 31st January.  I felt very humble as the Queen came to each recipient -- I was seated No 20 so didn't have to wait too long--- The Queen smiled at everyone. She said "Bless you" and I managed my little curtsey and replied " Thank you Your Majesty" on receiving my Red and White purses.   It really was a magical experience that will live with me for the rest of my life."

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