Ready Steady Stick- how the August event went

Ready Steady Stick

Ready Steady Stick took place on 9th August here at Measham ChurchWe started in Church and registered 29 children (and 2 babies).

   Singing was followed by a drama involving the comical roving reporters Dan and Cory. We found out about St. Paul who was shipwrecked on the island of Malta while a prisoner of the Romans. Paul had said they should not be afraid of the storm as God would protect them, and they survived.



   We then went into the hall for crafts including making paper boats and windmills, painting stones and decorating cakes. The children then had activities outside until it was time to come in for refreshments. They enjoyed ice cream cones (with a chocolate flake) and a drink before going home.


   It all went really well, and the children enjoyed all the different parts. A number of Mums expressed what a great thing Ready Steady Stick is, and how much they appreciate what we do.

  Thanks to all who came and to all the hard working helpers!


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