Packington Open Gardens: August 31st


Bank Holiday Monday started with rain, and it rained all through the morning. Would people want to come and walk round the gardens? Do we set up tea tables outisde while it looked like being a wet afternoon? Such are the worries when organising a big event like Open Gardens.

    Nevertheless, hardy souls started to arrive for the 2 p.m. start and by 3 p.m. the rain had stopped. Many came to enjoy the gardens of Packington. And enjoyed the tea and cake at the Memorial Hall and in gardens! It turned into a great afternoon.

   There were 14 ports of call for those who were game to take in everything, that took us on a real tour of Packington. Great variety between the different gardens.

  Just over £1900 was made for the fabric fund of Holy Rood Church - much needed as old buildings always cost a lot to maintain.

   Thanks go to all who opened their gardens (and for the hard work that lay behind that), for those who baked cakes and served teas, for the salesmen on the stalls, for the car park attendants and all who helped in anyway. A particular round of applause to Geoff Gasson who brings it all together so successfully.

  And to our sponsors: DAVID GRANGER ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN LTD 01530 560939

Here are photos from the day:



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