Ready Steady Stick Goes on Holiday: August 11th

Ready Steady Stick is our children's event that takes place in half terms and at Christmas, Easter and the summer holidays. Here's what happened when Ready Steady Stick went on holiday on 11th August at Measham!


During the afternoon 35 children and adults enjoyed hearing the story of how God’s people found themselves in Egypt and how Pharaoh, the man in charge was not very kind to them. They heard how the people were lead out of Egypt by a man named Moses, who God spoke to. The story was told using puppets, and not just any puppets, but animal ones. God was a dog, Moses a timid mouse, Aaron a very talkative sheep and Pharaoh …well I’m not really sure what Pharaoh was but he looked very regal in his crown and cloak. The children got to join in as there was a lot of ‘Oh yes you can’, ‘Oh no you can’t’ and they booed and hissed at Pharaoh who was the baddie of the story.   



Next we took a journey out to the grass at the back of Church and enjoyed running around and escaping from the sharks that were swimming in the sea. Once the sharks had eaten everyone we played a game with the parachute before heading into the hall for a well deserved drink and some rocky road cake!



The last hour of the afternoon was spent being creative; we made models from junk; bracelets from beads and shells; handprint octopus; fridge magnets; sock puppets; sun catchers; crabs with moving pinchers; boats to float on the water; we painted rocks and we made flags and had to find the hidden treasure.  The afternoon finished with everyone enjoying an ice cream covered in lots of sprinkles.



Look out for our next RSS in December. It will meet on 12th December at 2pm in Measham Church Hall. Details of the October 'Big Top' experience to be reported later.





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