Ready Steady Stick goes to the Big Top

Ready Steady Stick is our children's group which meets in half terms, at Christmas, Easter and in the school summer holidays. The Next Ready Steady Stick meeting will be December 12th at 2pm.

   We met in October half term to go to the Big Top and this is what happened:

Linda Cox tells us:

October saw the start of Ready, Steady, Stick’s new adventure, ‘The Big Top’. It is set around the theme of a circus and looks at some of the colourful characters you might find in a circus. This time we chose to look at the Strongman; in the Bible there is a man namedSamson, who was strong when God was with him, but not when Samson forgot about God.


We watched a drama of Samson acted out by some of the adults. Samson had very long hair, he was told never to cut it and it gave him his strength. As Samson forgot about God he was tricked, his hair was cut and he lost his strength. Samson knowing what he had done wrong, turned back to following and listening to God, he prayed and trusted God and his strength returned.

We learnt that we are stronger with God’s strength and could do things that we couldn’t do without his help.



During the afternoon, we participated in lots of craft activities involving glue, glitter and sequins; we created beautiful headbands and grass potato heads. There were some unusual and large junk models made and activities with food. We even had time to stop and have a drink and biscuit!



Everyone who came had great fun and there were lots of smiling faces.


And read on for the Christmas event:

Ready, Steady, Stick: 12th December

The Christmas Story

On Saturday 12th December, children and adults enjoyed an afternoon of listening and taking part in the re-telling of the Christmas Story, singing, crafts and games.


There was glue and glitter everywhere as we had fun creating our own nativity scenes from ‘junk’. We made cards using scratch art, table decorations complete with candles, crepe paper Christmas trees, sparkly angels and Rudolph – that red-nosed reindeer! We even had time to decorate some star shaped biscuits and make snowmen from marshmallows; they were yummy!


By now we were hungry, so whilst the adults tidied up, all the children went on a hunt for some wooden mice that were hiding in the church. It took a long time to find all 8 of them and by then tea was ready. We had lots of lovely things to eat, like crisps, cakes, cocktail sausages, carrot and cucumber sticks, and of course some chocolate! The afternoon ended with games of pass-the-parcel and musical statues.


Everyone went home smiling and happy, if not a little exhausted, perhaps a little how Mary felt on that first Christmas after she had given birth to the baby Jesus.


The RSS stick team wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas, see you again in 2016.



Please note that in February there will only be the one RSS and that will be on Tuesday 16th February, 2-4pm at the Church Hall in Measham. This is because Linda Cox's induction at Baschurch is taking place on the evening of 18th February so we'll be on our way westwards at the time we would normally hold Packington RSS


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