Making Advent Special


Advent Sunday is December 3rd and marks the beginning of an important time as we prepare for the birth of Christ, but also to welcome Him when he comes as Lord and King at His second coming. There are many ways we try to make this special.

  1. THE ADVENT WREATH. Starting on Advent Sunday, we light a different candle on our Advent wreath in church. The lighting of each candle has a profound meaning. Advent Sunday: a purple candle known as the Candle of Hope which symbolises our desire to turn away from doing what we want and turning back to Jesus. But purple is also the symbol of royalty and so we anticipate the birth of King Jesus. The second candle, also purple, is called the Candle of Preparation  The third candle, thre Candle of Joy, is the pink candle and represents rejoicing as we turn from repentance towards rejoicing, but then the 4th candle is again purple, called by many The Candle of Love. Finally on Christmas Day we light the central white candle representing purity and light - the birth of Jesus.
  2. MARY AND JOSEPH SET OFF ON THEIR TRAVELS. See seperate page for details

If you want to know more about what Christians believe about Christmas, go to

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