Mary and Joseph in Normanton

Mary and Joseph in Normanton

Mary and Joseph are on their travels in Normanton as well. Here's a hint of their journeying on 11th December: "Unexpected trip to Chatsworth House to see the Christmas decorations today before cosying  up by the fire at no. 4 after our chicken supper. It’s very snowy and very cold outside!"



But in the end they couldn't resist the snow.




December 13th

Mary and Joseph have just arrived at Highfields Farm, they have been introduced to a reindeer dressed as Santa and have been offered tuna and sweetcorn casserole with roasted sweet potato for their supper.



 December 15th

Mary and Joseph stayed an extra night at Highfields Farm, partially due to school concert. They were introduced to The Braithwaite Family puppy, Leo.

December 16th

It was a short stay at No 2 but we enjoyed  being part of the family getting ready for Christmas and particularly liked the seeing the lights  go on the tree before moving on.

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