Boredom: foe or friend?

‘I’m bored’

Words that every parent dreads to hear.

‘I’m bored.’


I woke to boredom

  in the midst of all that’s going on across our world

  in the midst of knowing how many are struggling and challenged

I woke to boredom.


Boredom is grey and empty

   so grey and empty.

I want to fill it

  with all the stimuli of ‘things to do’.

But I can’t.


I’m corralled at home

  missing face to face real-life contact,

  missing the freedom to do just what I want

  tired of the volumes of advice pouring into my inbox about how to survive lockdown.

I woke to boredom.

  Grey and empty boredom.


So, boredom: what would you teach me?

  Teach me/us who have become to full-on all the time?

I have to attend to you now, listen to you.

I do believe you have wisdom to share

   if I can but sit with you long enough.


For I do believe that when cracks open in our normality,

  then that is when our Lord can bring new things to birth

  to growth in me and in our world.

In boredom , I can perhaps dare new conversations with you Lord

  and pray for all those who are this day struggling with the spectre of boredom.


Boredom: open up to me, to us, your riches.

Lord Jesus, give me the courage and stamina to sit with boredom.

Vivien Elphick: 2nd April 2020