The World is full of love

Right now is a difficult time for all,

   not knowing when the world will be better,

   waking up hoping it was a nightmare,

   praying it won't last forever.


Staying connected is paramount,

   check in with your family and friends,

   knowing deep down good times are due,

   when this pandemic finally ends.


We all need to be here for each other,

   trying our best to support and help,

  listening and combating loneliness,

  coping with what we've had dealt.


Appreciating all the NHS, putting themselves on the front line,

  not moaning, crying, being angry or low,

  just helping those who’re ill  to survive.


Also all other key workers, out there working hard every day,

   we should all be aware that what they do,

   is helping us all in some way.


So even though times are hard right now,

  just know better times will come,

  stay strong, positive and keep talking,

  because the world really is full of love.

(Written by Anne Stephenson)