Forest Church: the autumn outing

Forest Church: the autumn outing


The Canopy in case of rain

As we gathered around the glowing fire pit, different people shared the stories that they knew from the bible about how God used fire to speak to people and direct them, and how fire can be important for keeping us warm and  cooking. We talked about being used to things happening quickly, and living in an instant world but how sometimes it is good to slow down and let nature do its job, or in our case the fire cook our food gently in the embers rather that burning in the flames. Slowing down and taking time also meant that we had to be patient, especially as everyone carefully wound their dough around the green sticks and slowly cooked them before devouring with homemade apple and blackberry jelly. And! As is that wasn’t enough we had the very delicate operation of toasting marshmallows, deliciously sandwiched between 2 biscuits. We finished with a prayer and blessing but everyone had so much fun, they didn’t want to go home!

Fiery spirit, source of all creative power
kindle your holy spark within us
breathe into us your sacred passion
fill us with your flame so that we might offer warmth and light to the world. Amen




   This was cooking twists (above) with fire and potatoes (below)








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