Revd Sue Bradley at Appleby announces her retirement

Revd Sue Bradley at Appleby announces her retirement

On September 9th, Revd Sue Bradley at Appleby announced her retirement from the post of Team Vicar in the Woodfield Team of churches. Sue has been mainly based in the churches of the Appleby Group: Appleby, Swepstone, Snarestone and Norton juxta Twycross. Sue says:

"I will be leaving the Woodfield Team on January 20th 2019.I have thought long and hard about this decision, and there are a number of reasons behind it, which I’d like to share.

My mother reaches the age of 90 this October, and I want and need more time to spend with her.  She is relying on me more and more, and I wish to have the time to both support her, and to enjoy activities together, in this latter part of her life.  My role as Team Vicar is demanding and at times all-consuming, and within that I do not have the space to give to my Mum as I wish.

I have also, through the grace of God and the love of a good friend, been given a cottage in NE Leicestershire, where I previously lived, and this will be my long-term home.

In the time I have been here we have seen God move in many ways, and it has been wonderful to lead and worship in the churches of the Appleby Group and across the Woodfield Team.  I have learnt so much and thank Vivien and my colleagues for being such a supportive Team.

I am very grateful for all the support, care and love I have received from so many in the churches and villages: much has happened in the last five years, but in all of it God has been present and we have walked our journey together in faith and worship.  I will miss you.

It is four months till I leave, and there is much to do in that time – so let’s continue together celebrating, praying, caring and looking out to our communities- serving them as we serve God together.

Thank you. Sue Bradley

In case of confusion, Revd Vivien  Elphick (Team rector of the Woodfield Team) is not leaving!

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