Thoughts of Spring and Easter

Well it is officially spring. Spring in the olden days was defined as starting the day after my mother’s birthday. She always reckoned she was a harbinger of spring being born on the last day of winter.  Now spring begins at the beginning of March, a full three weeks earlier than it used to.

But spring really only begins  when you can put your foot on ten daisies... or Day’s –eyes as they were originally called, with their bright yellow centres stunningly surrounded by white petals. And I was able to do that this week. So Spring is officially here.

We are now in April, called Ostermonath by our Saxon forebears, which translated means East month because of the prevailing easterly winds at the time of the year. And the name Easter may have originated the same way although some say it developed from Eostre, the goddess of spring.

For Christians Easter is one of the great Festivals; a time of celebration and feasting.  But this year our celebrations will of necessity be muted. Our Churches, sadly, will not be decorated with majestic lilies, and the wonder of the Easter Story of Jesus bursting from the tomb to bring his resurrection life to all will not be told from pulpits because we are staying safe, and protecting the lives of others by being home bound.

Yet this story of such promise, such love; such wonder that it reaches into the hearts of those who have never known Jesus is what is giving us hope at this difficult time.  It the climax of a Lenten journey which began on Ash Wednesday and it is a story which year by year attracts new followers into a loving, caring ,relationship with God.

Whether Easter is early or late, there is always an opportunity to find out more about the Greatest Story ever told.

April may be a month of sunshine and showers, but it is a time when the rigours of winter are beginning to be forgotten and the promise of summer is nearing its realisation.  It is the time when the horrors of the crucifixion are remembered but replaced by the wonder of the risen life which comes on Easter morn. 

And  the horrors of what we are living through now will be looked back upon in the years to come  with memories resonant of those who recall “ I remember the three day week “ or “ Do you remember when foot and mouth disease closed all the bridleways and footpaths ?”  Humanity is a resilient mob……created by our God who loves each and every one of us and is walking with us on the daisies when we are taking our daily exercise. 

Blessings Always

 Revd. Edwina Wallace

Edwina is one of our wider ministry team within the Woodfield Team – sorry no picture of her to hand!