Lent groups: from beginning to end

Lent groups 2019: From beginning to end

   Prayer will be at the forefront of our thinking this Lent and next in the run up to Easter (and hopefully beyond!). For many people (not just churchgoers) prayer is so important. It’s about making time for God: to talk to him, to listen to Him, to tell Him all about it; to admit to our hopes and fears and our shortcomings; to say thank you for all He has done for us and who He is, and to pray for our needs and needs of world in which we live.

  Prayer is important but if honest, many people are not too sure about it. Are their prayers ‘good enough’? Is prayer answered? Lots of books and teaching around on how to pray. This Lent, however, we’ll be taking a different approach to prayer. We’ll be exploring more of the person and character of one to whom we pray.

  The idea we have in our head about God matters – for it affects how we pray. If we believe He is uncertain and unpredictable, that will affect how we talk to Him. If we believe He’s angry with us, that will count. So we’re going, in just 4 sessions, to focus on how amazing God in Jesus Christ is.

  Our title this year is: “From beginning to end. Jesus is Lord. Let us pray” We’ll be looking at God’s Big Story from creation through to the fulfillment of all he promises at the end of time; or to put it another way, from Genesis to Revelation. We’ll think about our own small stories from beginning to end within that Big Story. It’s an invitation to ponder, not to be given instant answers, but to engage in slow time thinking – which is all we can do if we are talking about God. And we will have time to pray, and to discuss with others – for we all have different approaches and can learn from each other.

   My hope is we will become more confident in our praying as well as in our head knowledge.

     Come along for some slow time working. Trypraying and Trypondering.

  Dates for 2019 groups are:

Tuesdays at 7.15 for 7.30pm at Measham Church Hall:

March 12th, 19th, 26th and April 2nd

 Thursdays at 9.45 for 10am at Measham Church hall:

March 14th, 21st, 28th and April 11th

The cost is £1.50 per session.


And if you want to know more about prayer go to https://christianity.org.uk/understanding-prayer/#.XF2yyP5CeUl