Meet the people: Sheila's story

Read on to hear Sheila telling her story:

        I was born into a loving Christian family; it was close knit, with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins living nearby. My father was away in hospital for three of those early years, fighting illness. I was always aware of how closely my mother, brother and myself were supported by our family and indeed the whole village.    

    As a child I knew that it was a loving God and His family who was our support.  The Methodist Chapel was our church and our life was focused around it.  Sunday School picnics and outings to the seaside remain in my memory as very happy times.

       My first school was a small village Church of England School.  The vicar from the next village visited each week and it was there that I learned endless well-known verses from the Bible and many prayers.       

   When I eventually went to London to train as a teacher it was to a Methodist Ladies College.  That was possibly the first time that I had openly discussed God, Jesus and what I believed.  I can’t say there weren’t any doubts at this time. 

        Back home in the Midlands I started to teach and eventually married. We moved to Packington and it was after joining the Church there that I knew I must commit to Jesus.  I was confirmed and that was the step which really cemented the belief of God’s love for me and my family. As time went by, taking an active part in Church life, holding positions of responsibility within the Church, all reaffirmed God’s love.

      Now, in the last stages of my life on earth, I am less involved in the workings of the Church but I have the immeasurable joy of being able to talk to Him whenever I want and know that He will always be there to guide and direct me.      

 That He wants to do that for everyone is simply amazing.

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