Rector's ramblings: post referendum

June 25th 2016

I have found myself deeply troubled for our country since the result of the referendum has become known. Coming out of the EU represents an unknown future. However I found the piece below written by Simon Parke helpful:

Handling change

Posted by Simon Parke, 25 June 2016, 8.23am

The day of the referendum result.A short meditation amid change.

We feel the shock in our body, it may still be passing through…

We remember what we hold dear, maybe things threatened…

We let go of hate, appreciate the good…allow what is to be…

And step into trust of this moment, trust of this day.

I will trust what happens and the way it works out.

I will trust it comes to bless, and has no intention other than to hold me in its loving arms.

When I lose this trust my behaviour becomes most odd.

Sometimes I attempt to control situations and people or run around like a chicken in a panic.

Perhaps I fill my head with noise or my life with activity.

I may start the blame game with myself or others, become smug on my imaginary high ground or perhaps declare in loud despair: ‘It’s all going wrong, just like it always does!’

So I will feel the shock in my body… remember what I hold dear…note that which is threatened…  And I will trust today and all it brings.

For when it is so and the trust is strong,

All is quite perfect

And all is quite well.

See This blog is reproduced here with Simon's permission

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