Rector's Ramblings: The Holidays 2016


 The Missus has been very slow at rambling thoughts this year. So it's down to me again. I don't suppose you all realise the hard tasks that befall the vicarage dog!

     This is me recovering from the holiday by the way!

    This year we went over to West Wales, near Aberystwyth. Found oursleves in a cottage in the middle of the Hafod Estate. Who was it who thought of going to stay near Devil's Bridge?

    Actually we stayed in a little cottage where there were no phones and no internet so we were cut off from the world and that is very good for humans. I like holiday time because humans are so much more sensible when they are on holiday. They're not looking at computer screens (boring in my view) or planning this, that or the other for most of the day. They just take it as it comes - a lesson to be learned from the likes of me. I've noticed that they have more time for God and all his wonderful world, and more time to remember who they are!

  Anyway.....there were waterfalls and pools to play in:  

Caves to be explored:  and bridges to be crossed: 

That bridge was a bit scary - it swayed and it was a long way down.

There was a railway trip from Devil's Bridge to Aberystwyth. Now that was fun - we were in an outdoor carriage and the wind through my fur was delightful.


Later in the week, we found some wonderful sands - good for playing in but I was a bit weary by the end as we toiled over dunes.


Hope you've enjoyed my holiday pictures! I enjoyed myself as you can see - different walks and different things to do but most of all, I get full attention. The missus and I get a lot more time together, and there's nothing like being with friends. And all the new smells and territory to be explored.

   By the way, humans look at the bigger picture scenery wise than I do - so to cover their hols. as well, here is a sample of the Hafod estate:


And the holiday didn't finish when we got back, here's me at Melbourne Pool:

One of my favourite occupations is swimming and chewing sticks! God is so good to me and I love his world.







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