Rector's Ramblings:What is your world View?

A sermon from August 28th based on Psalm145 and John 1

  1. What world view do you have? What gives meaning to your life so that you bother to get up in morning? We all look at life through a certain mind set e.g. look for discrimination and you’ll find it; expect people to do you down and they will. You’ll be looking for it. 
  2. Can look out at world and feel it's all a bit of puzzle/mixture. We can be sitting here – time of peace and quiet; in Italy many under tents unsure of what the  future holds; in Syria etc, people no idea if they'll be alive tomorrow. How do we make sense of it all?  Important question for all of us.  How  we look out on life will affect way we live our lives.
  3. Do we see it all as random? Haphazard – no particular purpose, aim or reason? Random acts of kindness; crowd funding. I find difficult to believe it’s all random – look at any one of us. Our amazing bodies and minds.  How can we say it’s just random that we exist?
  4. It is one way of solving the puzzle – all random. If we live with this belief, then we’re individually at centre of all decision-making – we decide what we want to do. And everyone else simply does what they want to do. Feels a bit individualistic. I do what I want, when I want. I'm not sure that would satisfy many of us as humans are social animals – we do care about others and not just ourselves.
  5. Another way might be to say – well it’s all about survival of the fittest. This makes the world into a giant battlefield where the strongest, fittest, wealthiest, most beautiful are ones who get success and the rest are left by wayside. Certainly a lot of people live with this as their driving force – big business, nations at war. It can give meaning and drive but I'm not happy with that either. It doesn’t solve the puzzle for me as there is love, care and self sacrifice in human nature – that doesn’t match a battlefield picture.
  6. It's possible to see the world  as big organization run by big bosses. Keep your head down – learn the rules, be good and comply. Some do see it like that and no doubt some of us live with this view some of the time. It doesn’t sell itself to me though – feels deadening and denying creativity.
  7. I could suggest other ideas about solving puzzle that is life – to live lives well, meaning is vital. Perhaps think a bit during week. What is my world view? Probably an amalgam of many things at different times.
  8. Psalmist’s world view very clear in the psalm – for him, clear that is God who gives meaning to everything. He meditates on God’s world, on God’s amazing deeds and gives praise – sees Lord who is gracious and compassionate slow to anger and full of goodness. Lord who faithful in all his ways and upholds us. A righteous Lord. How do we begin to see in that way?

  • Decoder puzzles – how many of you have done decoder puzzle in your paper? one where you have cross word grid with numbers – give you2/3 letters to help break the code and substitute letters for numbers. Need their codebreaker to get started.
  • John in essence saying that Jesus is codebreaker of life. One who gives meaning even when can’t understand life and why things are as they are; face terrible things like suffering or unfairness like not being as beautiful/clever/ rich as someone else.
  • There is deep pattern that I have come to recognize as I've come to know about codebreaker, Jesus. Jesus shows us what God who made the world is really like. Get some sense of God through his creation – beauty, order. Through amazing-ness of us humans and our design. But to really know God, have to look to Jesus. To really know what humans are designed to be like, look to Jesus.
  • See something strange that challenges our world views on what it means to be successful. See poor man, travelling with friends and followers. He told stories about love of God, confronted injustice, helped people in need; he didn’t force views on anyone – invited them on into love relationship with him but no bullying. He acted out love of God in all that he did and said – right to end when he died for love of us. He personified goodness, generosity, sacrificial self-giving, mercy and grace. 
  • The more I know about Jesus, more have followed him, he gives meaning that satisfies – he shows us how to live well and honourably – not just for ourselves but for Him and for whole of creation.
  • I’d guess all of us here believe in goodness, justice and mercy –  it’s woven into us by one who created us so we are like him.
  • Once we begin to see the  pattern and look at life from this perspective, the more we see – more you see of that love, goodness, justice and mercy – often in surprising and hidden places.
  • The invitation to us all is to see life through codebreaker Jesus – the more we do that, the  more we see love, goodness, justice, mercy and the more we want to be those who are that sort of person.
  • We probably all want to be best human possible, living a good life.  That becomes ever more possible the more we know Jesus and our Father God. To know without any doubt that God is beginning and end, always loving and always there.
  • God is loving parent who wants us to meet all other creatures as relatives, relations – whole family of creation. Then the world will begin to look as God longs for it to be.


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