Thy kingdom come 2018


   Have you tried praying? If so, you’re in good company. 20 million adults in the UK pray; 13 million pray at least once a month and 9 million every day. One in three believes God will answer their prayer. Why do you pray? Amongst those who prayed, but have no religious affiliation, the top reasons for praying were: times of personal crisis or tragedy on the off chance that something would change as a last resort; to gain comfort and feel less lonely. There does seem to be a human instinct for prayer.

  For me (I can be seen as the one whose ‘job’ it is to pray), prayer is speaking with God, listening to Him and asking blessing for those on my heart both locally and throughout the world. Prayer is asking for the strength and wisdom I need every minute of every day. Prayer is asking Him to be close and to guide me. As a member of the clergy, I do follow a formal pattern of prayer at 9 a.m. in Measham Church on weekdays, as well as in Sunday services. I find the structure helps me. My private prayer is in the quiet of my home at the beginning of the day and again at the end, as well as when I’m walking my dog. I walk and give my thoughts to God.

  Very often I find those who so appreciate having a prayer said for them personally (even if they are a little embarrassed!). They say they have felt a new peace afterwards.

    Prayer is for the privacy of one’s own heart, unique and personal to each individual. Everyone’s relationship to God is different. Yet it is also for those times when people come together to pray – in small groups, in church, on retreats.

      As well as Sunday services when there is most certainly a time for prayer, Holy Rood Church in Packington  is open daily for prayer –(Holy Trinity Church Normanton is open on Saturdays) the chance to come into a quiet space and let the silence of God enfold us. We have a special prayer space area at the front of church – you can leave a request for us to pray for,  or simply be quiet.

   This month we are taking part in the global prayer movement ‘Thy Kingdom Come’. Between 10th May and 20th May, there will be extra prayer resources in church. These will be prayer stations called ‘Experience Pentecost’ in both churches and are a more interactive way of praying.  It will be the focus of our services in that period so come along and have a go.

  Let us all be praying for the coming of God’s Kingdom in our troubles world. What better calling could we have?

Follow this link to hear the Archbishop of Canterbury speaking to launch this year's Thy Kingdom Come And perhaps pledge to pray yourself?

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Thy kingdom come
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