Enjoy these nativity scenes


The Nativity scenes of the Woodfield Team.

   Have you got a crib scene in your house? Have you seen one in church or in shops? Or at school? Christmas is celebrated in many different ways, and indeed this year celebrations will be very different. However, nativity sets have long been part of the marking of the event that Jesus came to the world; they aren’t just Christmas decorations. They can be powerful symbols of God’s love for ordinary people, the love that people have for each other, and the changes that the arrival of Jesus could be bringing into the world. There are many types of nativity sets, and of course Christians around the world use them in different ways.

  Crib sets can be made of all sorts of materials and be of many different styles. The scenes convey the idea of God making his home with everyone.

  Clearly Christmas for Christians is based on the crucial story of the Nativity.  Why? Because it tells the story of God appearing 2,000 years ago as a tiny baby called Jesus. That’s a massive idea, because the baby grew up to do all sorts of amazing things, and Christmas marks the beginning of his story.


   Strangely it was St Francis of Assisi in the 1200s who was responsible for bringing Christmas to the fore in the Christian calendar. Until then the focus had been on Easter and Christ’s passion. St Francis understood that emphasis also needed to be placed on the fact that God came to earth to live as one of us; St Francis with his love of nature understood the amazing earthiness of the coming of God to his world. God being born as a human being shows us:

  • God was interested in the lives of everyone.
  • Jesus’ parents weren’t important people.
  • Jesus wasn’t born in a rich, safe, comfortable place.
  • The first people to be told of his birth weren’t important people.
  • Joseph and Mary had a difficult time, being forced to leave their home to move to Bethlehem and, later, Egypt.
  • Jesus and his family were refugees, having to escape from a cruel king and his soldiers.
  • Jesus’ family had the same problems as everybody else.

  Do enjoy the slide show of the cribs from the churches and homes of the Woodfield Team. You can find them at http://www.packingtonandnormantonchurches.org.uk/photos/  Click on 1 photo and then it should set itself up for a slide show (technology willing!)

Have a think:

  • Which was the most interesting set for you and why?
  • How is it similar or different to any nativity sets you’ve already seen?

   Have you got a nativity set that we could add to our collection? If so, do email to Vivien at http://woodfieldteamrector@gmail.com

   Why not make one if you haven’t? All you need is an old shoe box, or even something smaller and then make the figures out of cardboard, and colour them all in. That could be your representation of Jesus coming to your home this Christmas anew.