A new colleague is coming!


Joanne Dyer is going to be joining our team soon to be curate in the Woodfield Team. We very much look forward to welcoming her. She'll be moving into Packington Vicarage with her husband Barry. Joanne will be with us for 3-4 years as this is a training post from which she will move on to her own parish

Joanne writes:

I write with excitement, the clock counting down. Soon we will be moving to join you, and on July 2, I will be ordained deacon in Leicester Cathedral.  When I started college I never expected to be moving diocese, somehow though it feels just right. I am looking forward to building new relationships, to working and learning with an experienced team and to seeing where God is at work and joining in.

During college I have spent a lot of time reflecting on who I am. We often describe ourselves by our relationships: I am a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a child of God. I also used to describe myself by what I was responsible for, in this way I was responsible for HR teams or for specific projects. But I wonder if this really defines who I am?

I had spent so much of my life being whatever you needed me to be, I was a cleaner, a cook, a general sorter out of stuff, I liked to be in control. In hindsight I know that God placed me exactly in the situations he needed me in, yet I also knew I was being called to ordained ministry. At the time I thought that meant leaving parts of me behind as I embarked on a new future. A bit like discarding different outfits for specific occasions, different outfits I wouldn’t need, after all I would be wearing a ‘dog collar’ soon. How wrong was I!

One of the things I have discovered is that when God calls us to follow Him, He is not asking you to give up who you are, but bring it with you. Like the disciples whom Jesus called from their fishing, they did not abandon their previous life totally but drew back on it from time to time when needed; Jesus even joined them in their boats. The knowledge that God calls us as we are is one that is reassuring as we make the transition from our home of 24 years in Birmingham to the vicarage in Packington, and yes I am having a massive sort out and some of those actual rather than metaphorical outfits, have gone!

It is with excitement and anxiety that we prepare to move, after 24 years it’s a big change for us all so please can I ask that you hold my family and I in your prayers as we prepare to join you.

Blessings - Joanne Dyer