Prayer and party: How the weekend went


                                   FRIDAY 29TH APRIL – SUNDAY 1ST MAY                                                                                                   

  It was a great weekend! And one that lived up to its name of 'prayer and party'.

    Friday evening saw some 60 of us gathering in Measham church to launch the weekend. David Newman, the Archdeacon of Loughborough, led us in our thinking on the Lord's Prayer through the whole weekend. Friday night saw us concentarting on 'Our Father who art in heaven'. David enocuraged us to look at the image of God and Jesus that we carry on our heads and hearts. The image we have affects how we pray!

    So the prayer was followed by nibbles and wine supplied by Donisthorpe Church.

   Saturday morning and the energetic were to be found in Measham Church Hall doing a gentle work out, led by Jo Corsie

Warming up before bacon butties and a study of the Lord's Prayer                      Warm up with Jo

Still hard at the warm up routine

We then had to sustain ourselves with bacon butties (thank Derek and Barry) and coffee (thanks to Normanton church).

  From there is was more focus on prayer as we thought about what we can ask for in prayer, and then the whole issue of forgiveness and reconciliation.

Preparing to study the Lord's Prayer                                     A different sort of work-out

   Packed lunches followed and it was into the afternoon. Several set out into Measham to pray and walk. Others worked on preparing prayer stations around Measham, Appleby and Donisthorpe churches. Each station focussed on part of the Lord's Prayer. Here are some of them:

          Our Father                            Give us this day             

               Our Father                                                              Give us this day our daily bread


Lead us not into temptation                                       For Thine is the Kingdom

Lead us not into temptation                                                     For thine is the kingdom


Down at Appleby Rectory, a team was hard at work on bread maiing so we had real home made bread for our Sunday Eucharist.

The day ended with a church hall full enjoying a BBQ - too wet and chilly to be in Appleby Rectory Garden. Thanks to the Appleby team for serving us.

    Sunday was a united service at Measham as we continued our thinking on the Lord's Prayer. Church was full and it was great to be together. All orunded off with a bring and share lunch in the hall.

A really great weekend.

Thanks to all