Special visitors to Packington


It was a great surprise and a great treat to be able to welcome Jonathan and Jessica Heeb to Packington at the morning service on 25th September. We hadn't known they were in the country and then suddenly they were dropping in for a visit.

They live in Helsinki. Finland is culturally Christian but few see Christianity as relevant or having anything of value to say to a highly secular and well educated country. Jonathan and Jessica moved to Finland in 2007 for Jonathan to teach at a small evangelical Bible college just north of Helsinki.

Jonathan's teaching role has developed in three areas; with those studying theology, with Finnish students preparing for mission work and with the recently started Immigrant work. The students come from a variety of different backgrounds but all desire to explore and deepen their understanding of Christianity and the Bible. In teaching, Jonathan's concern is to strengthen and equip the students in their faith so that they continue to grow in confidence in God as they engage with their surrounding culture.

Jessica has developed a ministry of hospitality through their home

Jonathan and Jessica have two children: Jean-Paul and Nathan.

Click here to read their September newsletterhttp://www.packingtonandnormantonchurches.org.uk/content/pages/documents/1475138414.pdf

We support them as our mission partners through Crosslinkshttp://www.crosslinks.org/about