The Ready Steady Stick June event: how it went


Great fun was had by all - children and helpers


Fifteen children with parents or grandparents arrived excitedly for Ready Steady Stick and the Flames of Fire, our half term holiday club. After a treasure hunt and some lively singing, Corry Clueless and Dan Doorknob two reporters from Channel Ten News investigated the strange goings on in Jerusalem! They learnt that Jesus who arrived on a donkey last time, had died, had come back to life and ascended to heaven but had told his followers to wait. While the interview continued the Holy Spirit arrived with crowns of flames, party poppers and strange languages, all very exciting!

The afternoon continued with the ever popular junk modelling,  dove biscuit decorating, fruit on sticks, flame headbands, Spirit lanterns, Spirit balloons and dove cut-outs.

The big smiles and warm words of thanks were signs of a happy time spent together. Thanks to all who took part 


Ready Steady Stick meets again on August 9th at 2-4pm at Measham Church Hall