Work is finished at Holy Rood Church!!

Work is just about finished at Holy Rood Church!!

The long awaited work  started as builders came on site in the first week of April. The vestry fitments were taken out (see photos below) and they revealed how damp the walls had become behind them. The reason for all the work? Well, the work we were renewing was done in the 1970s and was looking very tired and not up to 21st century standards.



We now have a new toilet with disabled access and a new servery, as opposed to the vestry with a sink in. The back nave pews have been removed giving a much larger welcome area and we have a splendid new carpet.

It looks grand. We'll be celebrating with a special service on September 1st at 11am. Bishop Guli, the Bishop of Loughborough, is coming out to be part of celebrations. We hope there will be a good gathering particularly we invite those who have opened their gardens over the years will come their hard work and the money raised is largely what has paid for all this!


Here is the new welcome area at the back of church with nback pews removed and new welcome desk



The new servery                                                                                                                            And the new loo!!




And the new carpet has brightened up the whole church!!