Ready Steady Stick: May half term




Ready Steady Stick is here again but not in the hall as yet - numbers are still required to be very limited on meeting in indoor spaces. But that doesn't stop us. Here are some resources to use at home. 

    The theme for this is that Jesus is our friend.  It’s good to have friends isn’t it. Well even though Jesus  isn’t someone we can see with our eyes, he is still our very best friend. He is a friend that we can talk to about everything. We don’t have to pray in a special way or in a special place so that He will hear us. He is with us when we’re with friends, at school, at home – everywhere!

So let’s have some fun!

  1. First of all some colouring sheets are here and here
  2. Now  let’s have a song. Join in with the words and actions to “He’s got the whole world in his hands” here:
  3. Wow! We are doing a lot aren't we? It's story time. Watch this video about what it is like to have a friend in Jesus.
  4. For younger children, watch this story with lovely illustrations from the book “Jesus is my special friend”
  5. Craft ideas folllow:

     6. Finish with this great song to dance to 

And do send us any photos of what you've made. Wilma who's put all this together would love to see what you've done. Email her at

on top of all this, do  watch the Cheeky Pandas videos on this section of the website