The work of CSW



     CSW may not be a charity that makes the headlines but across the Woodfield Team, we have supported their work. What is their work?

     CSW's team of specialist advocates work in over 20 countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East, to ensure that the right to freedom of religion or belief is upheld and protected.  Their  vision is a world free from religious persecution, where everyone can practice a religion or belief of their choice.  In the face of so much injustice in our world, this is important work.

  We have become involved as Adam Cheetham (a member of the Woodfield Team, worshipping at St John’s, Donisthorpe) is an Ambassador for CSW. Adam says: “I have chosen to be a point of contact within the team, distributing their literature, making petitions available and giving talks throughout the Team, all to raise awareness of the plight of our brothers and sisters who are not afforded their right to freedom of religion or belief. You may also remember my sponsored event in 2019 when I drank only water for 40 days, and ate of course.  Thank you so much for the support you gave me during that event, it was greatly appreciated and kept me going through the dark times.”

   Adam Cheetham

   Adam would encourage us all to support CSW in the way that is right for us:

These are available to download from their website Let’s look beyond our own concerns to the wider stage.

In addition to these resources they are also conducting some events online that are open to all during the Covid-19 pandemic; information about these events can be found on their website and will also be posted on the Team websites..

If you would like to know more about the work of CSW please contact Adam  on and he will be happy to discuss it with you further.