Works proposed to churchyard trees at Packington


   Packington Churchyard has many and varied trees which are lovely but they also have to be checked and assessed every so often. The 5 yearly inspection has just taken place and identified works that need to be carried out such as removal of dead wood.In additon there are 2 Scots Pines on the boundary with Measham Road properties that have raised issues for our neighbours and it is proposed to fell these. There will alos be the reduction of a field maple.





We do have to get permission from the ecclesiatical authorities to do this workand so have to make known that the work is proposed in case there are those who wish to express views. The public notice is displayed at church or can be viewed here /content/pages/documents/1610632825.pdf  If you want more information, then contact Vivien Elphick on

In addition we have to obtain permission from North West Leicester Council as the churchyard is within a conservation area.