Our Church

We pride ourselves on our beautiful church which has stood for many centuries as a beacon of faith and hope in our village and which is treasured by many of the residents whether they visit it on a regular basis or only very rarely. The church has a rich history but a history which does not stand still, because we are continually adding to it as we seek to use the building to its best advantage to help us to reach out to our community and provide a warm and welcoming safe place for both young and old alike.  Here they can come and worship in a reverent but informal and friendly setting, or come to meet friends and make new ones; they can come to sing, to pray, to laugh and chat, to find a listening ear, to be fed with a variety of different foods, depending upon the occasion, to ring bells,  to feel useful in some way e.g. by washing up, arranging flowers, serving drinks …………. and we pray that when they come, they will be touched by the love of God and drawn closer to Him.


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