Our Finances & Giving

Our finances are on a sound basis, although with a centuries old Grade II listed building to maintain there are always some repairs which need doing. Every five years the church is inspected by an Architect and there is always some trepidation as to whether some major piece of work will be required!  From time to time that does occur and repairs to stonework or replacement of part of a roof for instance, can cost a fortune!  The current expenditure of size which we are facing, but have budgeted for, is the cost of repairing a section of the churchyard boundary wall which has collapsed.

We have a stewardship giving scheme in place and that regular income and the tax recovery which runs alongside it has been critical in enabling us to budget and to balance the books. We are very grateful to the many parishioners who give faithfully to the church in this way.  In addition, we receive income from donations, bequests, fees, grants for some repairs, and the occasional fund-raising event – principally the Open Garden’s Day which is held most years at the end of August on the Bank Holiday Monday.

Our giving

From our income we make an annual substantial payment to the Diocese towards the cost of the provision of our priests. In addition, in thankfulness to the generosity which God has shown to us, we make donations to a number of different charities including, locally, Ashby Youth for Christ, Ashby Street Pastors  and The Haven Counselling Centre. As a church, for over 50 years we have had an association with the Missionary Society, now known as Crosslinks and a part of our giving goes towards supporting one of their current missionaries.  At the present time our Mission Partners are a couple in Belgium, Charles and Frances de Roemer, who have planted a small church “l’Eglise Protestante Evangélique” in Binche and also run a youth group in the town.


Details of how to give to the local Foodbank are on the main website under the tabs “About Us” and “Latest News”. Holy Rood Church supports this initiative and a red box is provided close to the North door entrance to the church where donations of items requested may be placed.