Holy Trinity, Normanton-le-Heath


This extract comes from the page of an old guide book.

Normanton Church was built at exactly the same time as the main part of Westminster Abbey i.e. in the 13th century AD, and the builidng time coincides with the reign of Henry the Third (AD 1216-1272)


In many departments of life the 13th century was an age of aspiration and pioneer enterprise, and an historian has written "The builders of the day did their work for the glory of God and not for the praise of their fellow men"

A hymn written about the church (author unknown)

Midst London’s roar a mighty pile,

In Normanton’s a lesser shrine!

There teeming millions mile on mile;

Here scattered few, yet! “Souls are mine

And precious” says the Lord of all.

“Whoe’er they be, where’er they call.”


So in Third Henry’s spacious day

Strong churches, large and little, grew,

Prompted by Him, whose gracious sway

Regards the many and the few.

And this great heritage today

How shall we cherish? Say! friends, Say!


Say it with prayer? will prayer suffice?

If prayers be true, gifts will succeed!

For He, whose gift excels all price,

Can never brook a barren Creed.

Say it with Life? to Life link Love!

And so rejoice the heart above!



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