Memorials in churchyards


  After the death of a loved one, the choosing of a headstone or other memorial is important and can be an important part of the process of grieving.  

    However, there are regulations relating to what headstones and other memorials can be introduced into a churchyard. This can be confusing for families as they decide what memorial they would like.

  The local monumental masons should be aware of the regulations of the Diocese of Leicester, which apply to Holy Rood and Holy Trinity churches. So do ask them to show you only memorials that can come into churchyards. However the regulations can be found at /content/pages/documents/1567349375.pdf 

  Permission does have to be given before any memorial can be erected in the churchyard and again the monumental masons are aware of what needs to be done.


  The monumental masons will give details of their charges. The church fees for introducing the memorials into the churchyard are:

  1. Small vase or tablet (for an ashes interment): £74
  2. Headstones: £142
  3. Additional inscription on existing memorial: £27